Living with Cultural Heritage

The goal of the project LiviHeri is to learn how to live, maintain and cherish a historical town while preserving its characteristic environment and liveability. The project builds on a joint interest based on the recognition of similarities and differences between the participating towns of Rauma (Finland), Visby (Sweden), Kuldiga and Aizpute (Latvia). The project develops thematically joint tourist attractions based on cultural and natural … Continue reading Living with Cultural Heritage

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”… an extremely distinguished example of a Northern European walled Hanseatic town which has in a unique way preserved its townscape and its highly valuable architecture, the form and function of which clearly express the importance of this human settlement.” This was the explanation of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee for inscribing the Hanseatic town of Visby on the prestigious World Heritage List in 1995. Few … Continue reading Visby

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The interdisciplinary art group SERDE is a public association organisation, which seeks to develop the regional and international collaboration between different culture fields, organizations and professionals. SERDEs main activities involve the exchange between culture, science and education fields, including the organisation of residencies, workshops, seminars, lectures, presentations etc. Continue reading Aizpute

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At present, the old town of Kuldīga and the red-brick bridge across the river Venta are candidates for inclusion in the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage. The town is also famous for the widest waterfall in Europe. A work shop, where colourful blankets and beautiful headscarves with national designs are woven, is located near the Tourist Information Centre. In spring and autumn, an interesting … Continue reading Kuldiga

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The town of Rauma in western Finland’s Satakunta region was founded in 1442, making it the third oldest town in the country. It is especially known for its colourful regional dialect, its long tradition in bobbin lace-making and the well-preserved wooden buildings of Old Rauma. Old Rauma, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, is the largest unified wooden town in the Nordic countries. Approximately 600 … Continue reading Rauma

Cultural heritage as resource

Students from University of Turku / Degree Program of Cultural Production and Landscape Studies can spotted around Old Rauma during this week, doing field work for cultural landscape analysis. In this field work the starting point is local cultural landscape with its characteristic features, interpreted through field investigations, documentation and registration; old maps, drawings and photographs; descriptions, local names, records of local life and history, … Continue reading Cultural heritage as resource

Call for participants: International Workshop on Wood Restoration

For the third time Workshop and Residencies centre SERDE is holding an International Restoration workshop in Aizpute, Latvia. Six-day workshop has been created to allow professionals (young, mid-career and master craftsmen) to meet outside their usual working environment and solve problems both in theory and practice. Each participant will contribute with their own set of skills and knowledge in order to have best possible outcome. … Continue reading Call for participants: International Workshop on Wood Restoration

LiviHeri participated European Cooperation Day

The results of LiviHeri were presented for the residents of Kuldiga in September 21 during the European Cooperation Day. The event was organized at the yard of the house of Stafenhagen at Baznicas street 17 where conservation and restoration works of the facades are implemented during the project. Special activity program for promoting awareness of local cultural heritage for schools attracted a high number of … Continue reading LiviHeri participated European Cooperation Day

Toolkit for wp 3, Joint Tourist Activities published in Materials section

LiviHeri project has developed a concept toolkit for implementing work package Joint Touris Activities, parts A Cup of Coffee and Bedtime Stories based on the experiences of the first year. Concept will be developed further as we gain more experience and get feedback from project partners. Read more from Materials section Continue reading Toolkit for wp 3, Joint Tourist Activities published in Materials section

Reflections and plans

LiviHeri houses met this morning over a cup of coffee and shared their experiences from this summer and ideas for the next year. Home accommodation has been a success; nearly 100 visitors have decided to stay overnight in a historic building and give their contribution to cultural heritage conservation. Visitors arrive world wide, from Malaysia to New Zealand but also from Finland. Home visits have … Continue reading Reflections and plans

Sharing, learning and crafting; workshop document from SERDE, Aizpute

SERDE opens up the doors to their restoration workshop with this document. Step in! <p><a href=”″>Living With Cultural Heritage, International Restoration Camp 2016</a> from <a href=””>Serde</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p> Continue reading Sharing, learning and crafting; workshop document from SERDE, Aizpute

Documenting the restoration in Kuldiga; house of Stafenhagen

LiviHeri partner Kuldiga District Council is restoring the Stafenhagen house in Kuldiga as one of their project activities. In the summer of 2016 Kuldiga arranged two restoration workshops and open seminars on the restoration site. Later the site will be open for public, depending on safety issues as the work proceeds. With opening the site this object of restoration will be turned into a tourist … Continue reading Documenting the restoration in Kuldiga; house of Stafenhagen

Gates of Old Rauma

Gates are an essential element in the townscape of Old Rauma. The town was enclosed by a toll fence nearly 200 years. Strict borders forced the residents to utilize the plots carefully, and they were densily built. Gates and fences separated the public street space and private court yards. They also kept the cattle on the street side while they were taken to and from … Continue reading Gates of Old Rauma

Renovation of the facades of historic building – Learning traditional crafts

During the first week of August the restoration centre of Kuldiga had invited together 30 craftsmen and restoration specialists from Norway, Finland, Lithuania and Latvia for international restoration workshop which was devoted to the process of renovation of the facades of the historical house. Divided in five groups the participants have implemented different wooden works like cleaning the surface of the wooden facade from old … Continue reading Renovation of the facades of historic building – Learning traditional crafts

Old Rauma excavation site open for public in the Day of Archaeology

Rauma contributes to international Day of Archaeology The surroundings of Kalatori square and the Church of Holy Trinity have turned into a large urban archaeology excavation site. The excavations are funded by Rauma Town and implemented by Muuritutkimus ky. Friday 29th July is the international Day of Archaeology with hundreds of activities around the world related to various fields of archaeology. Rauma participates the day … Continue reading Old Rauma excavation site open for public in the Day of Archaeology